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  • 704 Shelbrook Ct, Winterville, NC 28590 (252) 355-8150 (252) 321-2868
  • Greenville, NC
  • 704 Shelbrook Dr, Winterville, NC 28590 (252) 321-2868


Company: Better connections incorporated - Greenville, NC


School / High School: Shaw University- Greenville, NC May 2014 Specialities: Bachelor of Social Work



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Richaunda Carr Greenville, NC

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Better Connections Incorporated
Greenville, NC
Aug 2014 to Aug 2014

Pinnacle Home Care Incorporated
Greenville, NC
Aug 2014 to Aug 2014
Assist clients

Pitt County Public Health Department
Greenville, NC
Sep 2013 to Apr 2014
Social Worker- Intern

Vidant Medical Center
Greenville, NC
May 2008 to Mar 2014
Mental Health Technician

Vidant Medical Center
Greenville, NC
Aug 2010 to Feb 2011
Health Care Technician

RHA Howells
Greenville, NC
Nov 2007 to Jul 2010
Developmental Technician

Skill Creations Incorporated
Greenville, NC
Jan 2004 to Jul 2007
Habilitation Technician

Shaw University
Greenville, NC
May 2014
Bachelor of Social Work

Pitt Community College
Winterville, NC
May 2008
Human Services

East Carolina University
Greenville, NC
MSW in Social Work

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