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If you search for an individual, you will look for his or her current and previously owned property, licences, and permits

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Public records include everything from arrest records and crime statistics to the job and educational history

What's a People Lookup?

What's a People Lookup?

A People Finder is a service offered by Verecor that allows you to search through all available public information of an individual living in the USA. In the past, this kind of data has been hard to find and even more difficult to access on your own. Fortunately, the Verecor short and easy search process removes all the hard work of generating your own background check document. What would usually have taken multiple days to a few years to finish can now be completed with as little as a few seconds.

Just enter the name of any person you would like to learn more about and press the search button to start the search

Such documents are maintained in an ever-expanding archive, so you can be confident that the data provided to you in your Verecor results report is indeed up-to-date and 100% correct

Verecor would immediately begin digging through billions of data to find all possible background info on that individual

In this document, you'll find all kinds of public records about the person you've been searching for. Such documents may also include the context of a sexual offense, criminal background, connection & decision, and more

All details sent on our web is completely confidential

So you're never going to have to worry about the person being informed of the request in your study. We bring our customers safety and work tirelessly to provide them with the most accurate information at the best price possible.

All details sent on our web is completely confidential

What You Can Use A People Search

To Find Long Lost Friends

Searching for Long Lost High School or university Friends may seem like a really difficult task if you do it the old fashioned way — manually scrolling through thousands of pages in a phone book. It's tiring and distracting. Thanks to modern technologies, the Web has become the door to electronic public record repositories. Verecor shortens the hours of browsing in seconds by clicking a button. Once the quest is completed on Verecor, details such as specific relatives and address background will be exposed, making it easier to narrow down and determine if you've found the person you're searching for.

Finding Your Child

At some stage in your life, you might have had to make a hard decision to put your child up for adoption. Even though it may be in the best interest of the child, it doesn't prevent you from always worrying where your child is and how they're doing. Now you may find that you're in a better situation than you were previously, and you'd like to get to know them. Yet figuring out where your child is can be a big challenge.

Or maybe you're trying to get in touch with them because they're too committed to the families you've offered them that they won't let you communicate with your kid. Irrespective of what it is, you have to take matters into your own hands to find some way out. And with the Verecor People Search guide, you will take the first step of doing anything about it.

Buying A Pet From An Online Breeder

If you're curious about the animal breed and the nature of the lineage you get when you purchase it, it might be better to buy the product from online breeders. But when you purchase your pet online, it's important to understand if the breeder you're purchasing the pet is a specialist, not just a charlatan behind the computer monitor.

There are many situations in which you can make the most of a check on Verecor. Reverse Address Check is useful if you are trying to detect the location of the breeder. Reverse Phone Lookup is perfect if you're looking to find a mobile number for your breeder.

Buying A Pet From An Online Breeder

What Information Can I Get From A People Search Report?

  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Present & Previous Addresses
  • Work & Education History
  • And More

One of the most frequently asked questions when it relates to People Search results and background checks is, what kind of details do I expect to find in my document? While the answer to this question which differ depending on the type of search conducted, our consumers may expect to find a range of relevant information in every regular Verecor People Search study. Few pieces of information you may expect to find are:

Phone Numbers

One of the key reasons someone would want to produce a People Search article is to communicate with long-lost family or friends. And maybe the most important piece of information they'll need while getting in touch with these individuals is their phone number.

That being said, sometimes it can be hard to track down the right phone numbers for someone you're not in touch with. Especially because it's been a number of years since you first spoke to them, because they could have updated their mobile number or moved to a new place of residence since then.

Furthermore, with the Verecor People Search database, you would easily be able to find all current or previous phone numbers related to the user you looked for. It covers home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and work numbers. On the other side, if you know someone's phone number and would like to learn more about that guy, you might try looking for a reverse cell phone instead.

Similar to phone numbers, email addresses are another key piece of contact details that helps us to stay connected. For some individuals, emails are actually the best way to get in touch with them, because they're constantly checking their mailbox all day, although their phone may be out of reach or dead.

Although email addresses are definitely a useful tool when trying to reconnect with someone, it can be very difficult to find the right email address to be called. Unlike phone numbers, which most individuals have only a few active ones at a time (such as a house, mobile, and work numbers), the amount of active email address any one person has can differ by a huge margin.

So how do you identify the most successful email addresses of a person? You won't have to do a Verecor People Analysis. Only run a search on any person and you will obtain a list of their most active emails in your final report.

One of the first places that many people turn to when reconnecting with an old friend or loved one is social networks. While these websites and apps may be a great way to see what relatives and friends are up to, they're rather unreliable when it comes to finding individuals.

If you're trying to search for a name on any social media platform, you'll typically get a few pages full of untargeted information to browse at. Not only will this phase take a lot of your precious time, but there's also no assurance that the person you're searching for is part of your search results. Even if you manage to find the right model, it will often be locked or privately built. Nevertheless, with Verecor, the search results follow a rigorous screening process, meaning that the most possible matches are shown to you first. No more searching through the results pages to find the profile you were searching for.

Another important detail that comes standard in every Verecor People Search report is a database of the person's current and past home addresses. This is useful information you need, as it will validate whether or not the person you chose is the one you've been looking for. Even if they've moved away from their parents home or apartment.

On the other side, if you happen to know a person's address but not their name or phone number, you might want to use Verecor Reverse Address Search instead to find out more details.

One of the best things about the Verecor People Search method is the huge amount of data in its index. With so many documents on just about any single person living in the US, Verecor can provide more than just the basic information in their papers. Have you ever asked what kind of line of work someone you meet is in? Or maybe you've just met someone online and wanted to confirm that their previous career or educational history is in line with what they've been telling you. If so, the Verecor People Search will tell you all you need to know to check someone else's background.

Verecor also provides several additional options on top of the famous People Search method. For more basic information, you can try searching every phone number or address in the United States using our efficient Reverse Phone Search and Reverse Address Search software. Both of these applications derive their knowledge from the same massive archive as our People Search method. And you realize you're still going to get the most accurate information possible in your files. In fact, you can also run one of our special tests, which will include details not included in a standard study. Such resources involve, but are not restricted to, criminal background checks, sex offender files, fraud records and connections and judgments

Success Stories

"I'm a mom, and I'm a worrier. Each time my children are under the care of someone other than me or my parents, I do some kind of inquiry. Verecor has some great tools that let me simply look at anyone! I looked up at my children's coaches, kindergartens, friends' parents, and more. I found their telephone numbers, addresses, family members, social media profiles, court records, and licenses."

Samanta L., 39, MEMPHIS, TN