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Tractor-Mounted Scraper

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US Patent:
40448436, Aug 30, 1977
Apr 22, 1976
Appl. No.:
Arnold Emeral Holub - Concord CA
International Classification:
E02F 376
US Classification:
A tractor-mounted scraper is disclosed in which the scraper blade has two scraping edges and is mounted in a box assembly having two side plates, the blade being mounted on pivots located near the lower edges of the side plates and near the outer edges of the side plates, remote from the tractor. The box assembly is mounted on one end of the tractor, on pivoted arms which are maintained parallel to each other. A power-operated tilting head is mounted rigidly on the parallel arms, and the side plates are rigidly mounted on the moving part of the tilting head by means of a transverse beam, so that the blade neither wanders from side-to-side with respect to the longitudinal axis of the tractor, nor is permitted to tilt with respect to the axis of the pivots by which the attachment is mounted to the tractor, except as permitted by the power-operated tilting head. A hydraulic cylinder is provided for (a) raising the blade and side plates out of contact with the ground, (b) pressing downwardly on the blade and side plate assembly so that the end of the tractor nearest the attachment is supported solely by the blade, and (c) permitting the blade to rest upon the ground, bearing the weight of the side plates, the beam, the tilting head, etc. , but not bearing the weight of the tractor, when hydraulic cylinder is in its neutral, unpowered condition.
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