Theodore Fey

from Vestal, NY
Age ~65

Theodore Fey Phones & Addresses

  • 127 Crumm Rd, Vestal, NY 13850 (607) 748-2833 (607) 785-0267
  • 107 Crumm Rd, Vestal, NY 13850 (607) 785-0267


Position: Craftsman/Blue Collar


Degree: High school graduate or higher


Us Patents

Toothbrush With Means For Attaching A Toothpaste Tube

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US Patent:
50281585, Jul 2, 1991
Apr 19, 1990
Appl. No.:
Theodore Fey - Vestal NY
International Classification:
A46B 1102
US Classification:
A one piece structure of a toothbrush is described with threads for attaching a toothpaste tube to the end of the handle. The handle is provided with an opening extending along the length of the handle with a diameter substantially equal to the opening from the toothpaste tube. The end of the handle with the bristles has, among the bristles, a plurality of openings with a total diameter of all openings substantially equal to the diameter of the handle opening as well as the toothpaste tube opening, so that toothpaste is extruded from the tube with substantially no increase in resistance. The end of the handle about the end with the toothpaste tube has an enlarged member with a flange therearound, so that a cover placed over the bristles is sealed against the flange, and a transparent cover placed over the toothpaste tube is sealed against the opposite surface of the flange. Several modifications are described for particular uses.
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