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  • Riverhead, NY
  • Medford, NY
  • Greenport, NY
  • Massapequa, NY
  • Southold, NY
  • Asheville, NC
  • Massapequa Park, NY



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Customer-Directed, Automated Process For Transferring Funds Between Accounts Via A Communications Network

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US Patent:
5659165, Aug 19, 1997
Jul 24, 1995
Appl. No.:
Horton Jennings - Chicago IL
Nigel Pinnell - Highland Park IL
Khanh Do - Rancho Palos Verdes CA
Virendrakumar Shah - La Palma CA
Marjorie Profumo - Santa Monica CA
John Downing - Berks,
Neil Goodhand - Bracknell,
Marion Maino - Massapequa NY
Michael H. Thompson - Centereach NY
Citibank. N.A. - New York NY
International Classification:
G06F 1760
US Classification:
A system and method for allowing funds to be transferred instantly to an account so that the funds are available to the beneficiary at the time they are sent, based on customer information which can be automatically accessed by the system, rather than needing to be manually entered. Further, the system automatically computes the appropriate exchange rate and any fees to be charged to the account and displays them to the user so that the user may authorize or cancel the transaction. The system also analyzes the parameters of the transfer to assure that the transfer conforms with pertinent government regulations. The system also enables the user to quantify the amount to be transferred in the currency of the originating account or the currency of the receiving account, thereby maximizing the flexibility of the system. The system further is designed so that it can be understood and accessed by individuals having no special expertise in computers, wire transfers and the like. Further, the system is provided with various safeguards to assure that only authorized individuals have access to the accounts and the funds and immediately verifies successful completion or failure to the customer.
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